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A Night for the Dogs

A Night for the Dogs is a short animation film (4-6 minute duration) about a group of neighbours who turn on each other when their apartment building catches fire.
It is told through the eyes and ears of a young man determined to stay neutral in the ensuing chaos. He is shocked by the violence of his neighbour's accusations and their hatred toward the man responsible for the fire as his neighbours work themselves into a frenzy over the events, transforming into a pack of wild animals. As the fire is extinguished the neighbours revert back to their human forms, but pieces of their animal selves remain as evidence of their true nature.

The film is driven by a raw soundtrack comprised of a poetic narration set to the pounding of a single upright bass and is visually rendered with a coarse style of ink and coloured pencil. The audio acts as a guiding influence for the imagery and works in symbiosis to capture the fierce and frenzied emotions of the film. Several scenes will draw away from reality but will have a visceral presentation that captures the energy of the moment as it is suspended from the narrative flow. These could be a close up of the burned hands of the man who started the fire, the skin and flesh charred and melted like an overcooked grilled cheese sandwich, or the penultimate scene where the mob of neighbours twist and crack, scratching and biting as they transform into wild beasts.

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